>>>ORGANISMUS MANIFESTO - bioart installation

In this installation, a communication with the organism Physarum Polycephalum is established through light, used as a medium to convey the message; first the information is translated into morse code, and then delivered to the organism using light signals that will pass through the petri dishes and the nourishing medium. The installation consist on a small surface with an integrated light system and living samples placed on top of it, creating a translating device that aims to establish a conversation between human and the organisms.

"Organismus Manifesto" is a draft manifest that tries to tackle the controversial use of living organisms in technological and research fields, and presents some controversial points such as organism rights or exploitation. It tries to reflect the possible questions that might arise when using alive organisms in connection to human and computational machines.


The dignity of all organisms is inviolable; to 
respect and protect it is the obligation of all 

Every organism has the right to freedom of 
expression, that shall include freedom to hold 
opinions and to receive and impart information and 
ideas without interference by public authority and 
regardless the frontiers.

All organisms have the right to public assemble 
without previous registration, permission or 
deprivation of liberty.

Every organism shall have the right of freedom of 
thought, conscience and belief, either alone or in 
communities, in public or private, and in worship,
 teaching practice or observance. 

All organisms are equal before the law, and are
 entitled  without any discrimination to equal
 protection of the law.

Every organism shall have the right to recognition
 everywhere as a judicable organism before the law.

19. 06. 2019