>>>REGROWfantastic bioplastic
We place in front of a wash-basin, but also an equipment for the emotion and the meeting between the nature, the purity of the plants, the sound of the water... AND PEOPLE. 
To be sustainable, this project implies visualizing the water quantity that we use, understanding it 
as source of energy, and to be able to measure his resource in the growth of the garden and producing a green energy of system of illumination thanks to the algae.

To return to enjoy the water, his sound, his appearance and smell. To seek for the atmosphere where to listen to the water and to enjoy the greenery of the vegetation. 
To flow of the water, to take pleasure of listening to a sound almost forgotten in the paces of life of nowadays. To splash of the water against the surface. The beauty of the water drops breaking on the leaves of the plants. To create a landscape of an act of hygiene and comfort.

This system pretend to recycle the water using vegetal canals. It’s based in one of the most important moments in our lives; “wash our hands”, also mixed with the bioplastics; halfway between plastics and organisms, produce all vitamins and minerals needed for plants to survive simply by being exposed to light. 
The bio-soap produces vitamins and minerals aswell, through biological processes, allowing a self-sufficient symbiosis.

Year: 2015, ROCA Jump The Gap
Team: Gonzalo Lozano Arce, Carlos García Fernández